Mini Incubator With Inbuilt Inverter – 48 Eggs

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Product Description

Product Description
You can incubate up to 96 eggs at a time! Fret not about turning all those 96 eggs during the incubating process, this machine will do it for you as it has an automatic turning feature that will turn the eggs at the appropriate time!

Its sensitive climate control closely monitors the temperature of the eggs to ensure timely hatching. Also, its well sturdy construction and transparent design guarantees the safety of the eggs. The design includes an attached sizable control panel that allows you to read to information like the temperature and such clearly so that you can closely monitor the eggs.

The Fully Automatic Egg Incubator is perfect for the families and specialized households to incubate chickens, ducks and geese, etc. This machine is produced according to the testing requirements of the CEA (Consumer Electronics Association) technology standards of Europe, and has good reputation from the peasants in the rural areas of Eastern European countries.

The automatic multi-function incubator uses the more popular microcomputer-based technology, which makes this instrument intelligent with extreme accuracy. This incubator is stable and reliable, time-saving, labour saving and easy-to-use. It is the ideal incubation equipment for propagation of poultry and rare birds and small medium-sized hatchery.

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Basic Information

Model NO.: EW-96
Power Source: Electric/Battery
Type: Automatic Hatching Machine
Usage: Incubation Equipment
Control Mode: Automatic Control
Automatic Egg Turning: 12V,220V-240V. 50Hz
Automatic Temperature Control: 0.1
High Hatching Rate: More Than 96%
Automatic Humidity Control: 0.1% Rh
Touch Switches: Easy to Operate
Material: Coloured Iron Sheet
Colour: Yellow
Low Mortality: High Hatchability
CE Compliant: 12 Months Guarantee
Technical Specifications

Material: Plastic
Large Capacity: 96 chicken eggs
Power supply: 220~240V, 110V,12V, 50/60Hz
Power: 100W
Size: 55cm × 54cm × 35cm
Gross Weight: 7 KG
English manual
Outer Appearance: Transparent Cover
Inner Function: High motor speed & hatching rate
Product Certificate: CE Approved
Colour: Yellow
Warranty: 1 Year
Working Life: 8 Years
Feature Highlights

EW-96’s cover is transparent, very convenient for you to see the entire hatching process
EW-96’s control panel is placed by tapered plane, better for you to see the display and to do the settings during operation when the machine is working
EW-96 has uni-body design with PTC MICA heater and brushless fan. PTC MICA heater has the advantages of heating uniformity, longer working life, lower power consumption, light weight
EW-96’s power is only 100W, better for environmental protection and energy conservation
Data saving even power off
Water added externally there for no need to turn off the machine in order to add water
Package Content

1x Incubator
1x Foam Protection
1x Power Cord
1x Humidifier (Water Container)
1x Instruction Booklet


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